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Necklace with Crystal pendant PMB 4.4

  • Wersja/model: itWBZ8xJ
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Pendant necklace with Swarovski crystals, will not go unnoticed with all the spark they make. After all Swarovski, the famous Austrian manufacturer of crystals has been perfecting them for centuries.Pendant necklace is covered with hypo-allergenic metal rhodium, which does not cause an allergic reaction and do not contain zinc or any other harmful metals. We make pendants using only genuine Swarovski crystals (SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS). These pendants can be a great gift and a sign of attention. Pendant chain length is: 20mm.Made by Mont Bleu in Czech Republic. Pendants are supplied in a black gift box.Back to pendant necklace page on which you can find other variations in different colors and shapes. You can also find bracelets, earrings and rings that will match pendant necklace, making it a nice set. You can also check our Bead Bracelet, which will go well with pendant necklace.